October 8th, 2010

strangling pete wentz

Marks Wins and as Usual I Fail, but some of it's Jin's fault this time

Jin's tickets tried to foil me in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, but marksykins was a champ and acquired me tickets anyway at 1:06pm. I owe her monies and dinner, and probably should let her sleep in my bed all weekend rather than out here with all five(!) guinea pigs.

but on the other hand, Jin's NYC tickets are like...standing room. like, all the non-balcony is just a big mass of standing because Jin wants a 'club scene party' or some shit, and I'm just sitting here picturing my mother standing on line for hours with me and then having to fight teenage girls and knowing that this can't possibly end well and...

...timeripple, I think we maybe need to talk again about your potential involvement in this.

why does jin have to be such a special snowflake all the goddamned time. WHY DONT I HAVE FRIENDS. *frustrated*

Presentation at school went okay, I think it went well considering. another teacher who was also presenting yesterday called to ask if I was dressing up for it, and I laughed in her face (ear?). I think mostly though that just like my regular classes, I carry them mostly by being an entertaining presenter rather than a particularly well-prepared one, but given the events of this week it's really just too hard for me to care that that's the case right now.
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