October 11th, 2010

mitsu tottsu otp

Icon Win, Interesting News Fail

I made myself some new icons~ and I finished my useless lesson plans for the week. And I've been watching Hoarders all day in between babysitting nephew and going out to dinner with rooneytunes. Also, marksykins left me to return to her native land D: someday I'll figure out how to trick her into staying. Or I can train the guinea pigs to barricade the door.

a paragon of interesting news, I am not. I certainly feel better than I did at the end of last week, which is nice, since I could have hardly felt much worse. Hopefully this week will be easier.

and then maybe i'll get to the gym more than once and get started on my JEhols fic.

My Rainbow Bridge giftfic got posted though: it's adorable Tsuka and Senga and you should go read it comment on it and go awwww.

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