October 12th, 2010

carlos wears protection

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My Big Time Rush album (and t-shirt and poster and silly bandz) came in the mail!! I think the T-shirt is going to fit and everything.

but mostly omg i love this album. Pero and I agree that Worldwide is the bestest song ever, and I like Boyfriend a lot too (which was on the new episode last night). I've got a couple more new ones to go, but I'm definitely enjoying it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a full version of Stuck or Shot in the Dark from some other venue.

You should watch BTR. It's cute and light-hearted and hilarious, all 4 boys knock each other out of my favorite slot all the time, and the music is really fun too. There's a ton of great girls (Kendall's mom and sister, the potential girlfriends, the producer's assistant), which is an instant sell for me because I hate most women on TV. Kendall just wants to play hockey but comes to LA to help make James's boyband dreams come true! Logan gets slapped by Camile all the time! Carlos refuses to take off his helmet! Mostly they are best friends who spend more time making eyes at each other than any girl in the whole show and are plainly having the time of their lives and, oh yeah, all live in the same apartment! With a swirly slide!

Also, and I swear to god I am not making this up, they flagrantly make fun of Johnny Kitagawa, no lie. I SWEAR.

Seriously, you want it. It's even in English! What more could you want from me?! I even wrote fic this one time.

ETA: Pero points out that you can listen to the new album streaming right here, because BTR puts a ton of their stuff online for ease of view/listen ♥

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