October 16th, 2010

gay apparel

And By Party, I Mean a Whole Bunch of People There to Kill Him

Just bought myself a NaNo hoodie for this year which looks really nice, but oof was not cheap, and the shipping was pretty excessive I felt as well, so it better be the best damned hoodie ever when it gets here. I don't usually support them in any way though, despite how much mileage I've gotten out of NaNo over the years, so I didn't feel that bad making the decision. Also I bought some merit badges. More word on that eventually.

Lately I've said "I'm an adult with a job, if I want x there's no reason I can't have it" kind of a lot, which has partially to do with how I'm surrounded by people in RL who cannot hold down a proper grown-up job AT ALL and yet have super pricey habits like smoking and going drinking. I don't do anything like a great big loser, and so if I want a $45 NaNo hoodie, goddammit I'm getting one. But then again this also has to do with how my wants are reasonably unimpressive. At the Friendly's at lunch, the person I was with and I were agonizing over how the things we wanted weren't things that got us free sundaes, and finally I was like "dammit I am an adult and if I want a $3 sundae I can damn well buy it myself" and ordered my pretzel-bread burger like I wanted.

And then I upgraded to waffle fries because of peer pressure. When they came, then I totally wished I'd just gotten regular fries. Sokka's buyer's remorse = my food ordering remorse.

anyway, I'm headed over to my parents' to babysit the dog overnight until they get back tomorrow, not that it will make any difference to you all because they have the exact same internet that I do. But I am going to update my website (no really i swear) and watch a bunch of Law and Order UK and maybe also start my JEhols fic since NaNo is like any minute.

ps for those of you who are concerned about this, I have a kind of nascent NaNo idea but I'm not really ready to talk about it because I'm unconvinced it can sustain 50k words.

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