November 7th, 2010

stag beetle

All the Things = Cleaned

I slept in forever and it was glorious, and then I spent a couple hours cleaning and vacuuming and whatnot, so now all that's left is laundry. well, and I have to clean off the table because we bought me a new table last night but really i've been thinking that maybe i'll just put together the new table and then put the stuff directly upon it.

also while I was cleaning out senga I looked in the plastic bin her cage is on top of, which has a lot of guinea pig stuff in it, because i think i need another food dish for the boys, and i noticed a bug. a little beetly-looking brownish bug, no big deal, until i looked back down and realized that inside the bin there were actually about THREE THOUSAND LITTLE BUGS. wtffffff. a couple must've got sealed in there after Nika died like six months ago and it turned out a half a bag of old food was down in there, and so they went about their business happy as you please in the nice dark, sealed plastic bin.

And so i was standing there thinking about how all the fleece from the rats would be fine if i ran them through the wash, and nika's old hut and stuff, and suddenly I thought about all those little old ladies on Hoarders insisting the stuff in the bug-filled bins would be fine after a wash. and then i quietly went and got a big garbage bag and threw out everything.

Hoarders, forcing people like me to clean their apartments since 2009.

Kill Bill is on AGAIN. i swear to god it's on like every other weekend about three times per weekend. I like it and all, but lord. The good news is that I'm going over to the Wegmans with RL NaNo friend to write. I made word count yesterday!
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