November 16th, 2010

Nikaidon Mitsu Quote

So About the Ipod

Ipod has been connected for hours without doing anything, no matter how much hard restarting I did, but as I was randomly digging around, I came across this post where in the comments they insist the secret to success for the entirely dead ipod is to bang it against a table or throw it down hard on your carpet.

Well, okay. Can't break it any more, right? Figuring this is total idiocy, I take the ipod and throw it on the carpet about three times, hard. I plug it back in, and goddamn, the 'very low battery' screen appears. Now it's kind of stuck there, and then it tries to reboot and gives me the sad mac, and then goes back to 'very low battery' but hey that's definitely better than nothing.

Better living through abusing your electronics. *goes to reread about the sad mac icon*

Also, Kisumai is having winter concerts!! YAY!! I can't go at all, but awww, good job ♥

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stop crunching!

I Saw Him Dancing on the Train, and I Enjoyed Him

So the Sheetz has wifi now? well that probably doesn't bode well for the nano...

I do have a vanilla coke and some chex mix, though, and also a completely ridiculous case of ennui which probably has a lot to do with the 4-5 hours of sleep I get at night which is now being interrupted at regular intervals by me lying in the dark wondering wth i will do with myself for the rest of my life if I really do get blinded by lasers.

one of my students: "But they'd probably only screw up one eye, max! The other one would be okay!"
another student: "who needs depth perception!"

also i think the pleasure-seeking, lizard hind part of my brain has realized that no, we are not going to japan at all this year, not even at the last second like last year, so there is no onigiri or shinkansen or concerts curry pringles anywhere in my near future, and lo i am very sad. I think the Kisumai concert announcements kicked this, which is always simmering under the surface, into overdrive.

also my ipod is dead still. one of my students is going to try and fix it tomorrow. I know I need a new one, but it's like this is the last straw this week, where i am clinging to this object for emotional reasons even though its ridiculous and I'm not in any state to argue with myself. I bought it in grad school after the rat died as a don't quit grad school present D: HOW CAN I GO TO THE POD HOTEL WITH NO IPOD. ...this is why I will be on Hoarders someday.

to end on a positive note, I will tell you that I like KAT-TUN's single a whole lot, and also I am eating all the rye chips out of my chex mix.

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