November 27th, 2010

easier than energy jelly

If I Didn't Fail Hardest of All, I'd Suggest an Exchange

The instant Mac and Cheese feels really good on my throat for the nth of a second that the fake cheese is coating it. uuuuuuuurgh. actually i felt a little better when I first got up, but now i'm definitely fading again.

Finally bit the bullet and ordered the new ipod. What random English kisumai lyrics did I put on there? You'll have to wait and see~

I feel lackluster and uninspired about the NaNo, and as Daisy and I were discussing, given the state of the comm, seems like everybody else does too. You know what would make all of us feel better? If lots of people wrote me fic/porn/fluff/whatever the hell and posted it on ichiband_weekly. Especially about that time that Fujishima got Mitsumi just a little too drunk at a Delta party and the next morning both of them tried to bluff the other one into believing they'd been the girl. And failed.

so uh. i have to write a chapter a day for the last four days of the month to get finished. *beats head on table*
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