November 28th, 2010

kill myself with anime

My Amazon Cart was $24.99, Obvs

BW pokemon released on GPX ♥ Yay new things!

Mom dragged me out to the outlets to buy stuff for people, but I took my laptop along and wrote a couple hundred words in the car. I still have tomorrow off yet, which is fine. Also i should mention that we build my new table and chairs last night so I am typing at it right now. I was not in any mood for upheaval so then my mother wanted to move my furniture and I had a temper tantrum, but whatever. Then I bought my brother his ~christmas present~, thank you gamestop, and I really have to stop buying him badass stuff because last year it was an ipod and now this, so idk how to top this next year.

I'm in a place where I think I might maybe finish the nano on time, but I wish I weren't because then I could quit and just lie on my couch clicking pokemon diseasedly, which is what I want to do. I posted two chapters in two days though, woohoo.

Also Daisy started a 5*STAR/CB-verse kink meme over on the comm and you should totally go put up prompts so people can write them. You should also maybe write some of the stuff, orz, but even just getting a bunch of prompts up would be progress.
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Fic, Tackey & Tsubasa, Grand Gesture

Title: Grand Gesture [Tackey/Tsubasa]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for T&T's entire lack of subtlety.
Summary: Tackey isn't a guy who is all about the subtle gesture.
AN: o hai, this is 1k words not on my nano. FAIL. inspired by how much T&T plainly love each other and how Tackey rented a whole baseball stadium for Tsubasa.

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