December 1st, 2010

mangaka at work

NaNo Update

Internet cut out last night randomly so I couldn't update you guys on the status of NaNo.

I did cross 50k about 11pm, so technically I 'won' and checked in and verified and stuff, mostly because I want my createspace code, even though I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with it. I don't think I want to put this one out by itself, and anyhow it needs a ton of rewriting at the beginning because I'm an idiot.

I'm about 3k into chapter 12, which probably means I have 3-4k left to go. I really really wanted to stop doing this and start fail-studying for the jlpt for the rest of the week (since it's THIS WEEKEND), but on the other hand I can probably power through that in one night even going to school full-day today, and I also really really want it to be over.

I really REALLY want it to be over.

also i can't get the johnny's christmas message videos to work for me, because jnet hates me as always.

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At least the Kecleon is Cuter Than These New Weirdos

<-- sigh, here we go again. Please feed the Kecleon the red berry! but i only need 400 this time.

this is task 6/16 and I am sadface because at the rate I'm going i will definitely miss the december exploration, but I'm totally not giving up on this one now.

thanks for the nano support guys. I'm hoping to finish chapter 10 tonight although frankly I'm going to click the shit out of some pokemon for a little while because i've been writing for 6-8 hours a day since Saturday and needless to say, I'm a little worn out of it.

also i'm maxed out on Advil cold and sinus again. yaaaaaaay _-_

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