December 2nd, 2010


iPod Get! It's Ikeyo

Went to pick up the iPod at the Fedex depot. Meet Tottsu:

he's all black and sleek XD it's appropriate because the last one was Ritsuka, so. now i just have to wait ten thousand years for my 60GB to upload because apple thinks firewire isn't cool anymore. Also, I have a little pile of every apple sticker i've ever gotten from a computer or ipod because i never have any idea what to do with them. Issues, yo.

<-- 294/400! Nice work, folks. I'm hoping I can knock this out tonight. Red berries!

Has Firefox been beachballing like crazy for anybody else? I keep having to restart mine, it's driving me nuts.

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starfruits are wrinkled assholes

the ipod is my only friend

...and then I broke the entire internet.

Gpx is down for some update which "won't take long" which apparently means "will be down for hours."

simultaneously, has reset all my vocab mastery levels to 1 for no earthly reason. the mod fixed it for me and told me to change one of my settings to prevent it...which reset all my mastery levels again. HAHA SURE MY PROFICIENCY TEST IS THIS WEEKEND, WHATEVER.

No one has posted on my flist for like two hours. or maybe i just broke that too, it's hard to tell.

Sanapig was tormenting Datte, so I got him out, and then he nipped me for standing between him and Senga. so I put him in the bathtub, which is the only place he can't escape from or break his neck falling off of. Enjoy, jackass.

I dont really understand how today totally came off the rails all the sudden.
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