December 7th, 2010

kill myself with anime

Dear Makers of Aquarion:

If you feel you absolutely must have a sex face naked montage of the three-way merging for the Aquarion mecha, could you please refrain from showing the clip over and over and over during the second episode?

I only ask because Anime Club was not at all prepared for SUDDEN NAKED SEX FACES.

No love, me

PS - the dialogue "oh, it's sooo good!" every time was also unhelpful.


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confused astronaut?


<-- it needs the light blue berry (the one shaped like a strawberry). i only need 65 this time and it's already at 18, but on the other hand you'll probably see a lot of these dudes over time, as this exploration is one I need like 20-some odd eggs from and you only get one egg each time you finish. Wooper satisfied! Good job, yo.

I have nothing to say! except that i've been exhausted and useless all day, and then i bought myself a Hoops and Yoyo cellphone/ipod holder for my new ipod on ebay. because i was super bummed out that I somehow missed this round of random H&Y merchandise. I didn't get an email! Fail,! There was a hoodie and a blanket D: D: D: I foresee more ebay in my future.

If you have no idea who hoops and yoyo are, feel free to either leave your email or pm me it and I will send you one of my favorite hoops and yoyo ecards.

you know really i need a H&Y icon. A lot.
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