December 9th, 2010

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Ugly Americans Has Become the Highlight of my Week

And then I hit somebody pulling out of the gym parking lot. Just, goddammit, what the hell, I am always super careful coming out of there and I did not see them at all. Fortunately they had one of those rubber things you step up on (it was another truck), so my bumper's kind of scraped up, but it didn't do a thing to their car.

I'm really just not supposed to go to the gym, apparently. plainly i am just supposed to weigh 200 lbs and should just stop trying to combat it.

and my school is on the news AGAIN, for the thing from last week that I told a couple of you about, even though the other high school had a really terrible fight today and people got arrested, but are they on the news? NO of course not, it's JUST US like usual. it's always been this way, so i'm not sure why it's annoying me so badly this week, but JESUS CHRIST we are not the only high school with problems jfc.

whatever, I fell asleep halfway through Fringe, so I guess I will crawl into bed now. I have a bunch of shit to do after school tomorrow, too, when all i really want to do is come home and be left alone for the whole weekend.

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