December 12th, 2010

have a present

Also I Bought a Blender

so as you may have surmised, I had to separate Datte from the other guinea pigs last night. Now he's chilling out in Nika's old cage which is not at all big enough for it to be sustainable, but at least nobody bites him when he's eating his hay. oi. but this now makes three cages i have to clean, which i was hoping to avoid if at all possible. which has to happen this afternoon D:

Then I went out to Target and AC Moore and the grocery store (I didn't even cry this time), and finally made a concerted effort to do christmas shopping. Knocked out most of the people on my list, since most of the school people just get cookies, and now the last person I'm really stuck on is my father.

maybe i should give him a guinea pig.

ALSO i got awesome glitter foam to make Kisumai letter ornaments. Hooray!

The internet has been really quiet this whole weekend. *pokes* anybody there?

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