December 16th, 2010

High Tension Idols Senga Quote

Also, I Love That the "It Was a Huge Success!" Sign is Always Handy

I keep trying to post this and getting distracted.

So after about twenty tries, takiCHANnel finally loaded for me so I could see the 2nd half of the failed snowmen dokkiri, and lmao there's really just no beating Takki. They are just completely outclassed XD but i especially loved T&T talking about them like "aww, poor guys lololol" not because I like watching Snowmen get picked on (although at least they didn't cry this time and they DID start it), but because it's totally obvious how much Tackey likes them, and Tsubasa too, and I'm a complete sucker for that.

Junior leaders forever ♥ Also I was proud of Sanada's abrupt MC skillz. and lmao Iwamoto falling to the floor in anguish "FMLLLLLLL" XD XD XD and then I spent like 20 minutes crafting my vote for favorite TakiCHANnel episode because my Japanese composition = slow omg and also I find it hard to compress why I love Kisumai into a couple sentences (I mentioned Fujigaya's "TAKKIIIIIII" though). And I sent in a picture of the Kis-My-Ftree, so hopefully the random staff guy who has to read through these lols.

So I am going to reheat some dinner and then sit right here and hopefully finish NaNo or at least this chapter that's like 4/5s of the way done.

PS - the clapper can in no way be activated when I come through the door since I always have things in my hand, and also I turned all my lights off on accident while I was clapping for the dokkiri. wth. surprise present = IT WAS NOT A HUGE SUCCESS.

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