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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
So I'm being bombarded by these commercials about how you should STAY HOME OMG if you are fluish. and I just lol, because I would literally have to be in the hospital for me to take off more than two days in a row. it is so not worth it trying to explain/write down for somebody else what I do all day, not to mention there's like 1 day a week (in a good week) where I am not at 239823 meetings. There was one time, the very first year I taught, where I took two and a half off in a row, and it was an utter disaster. Now I just go and suffer (like yesterday when I refused to get out of my chair and made everyone take notes off the overhead projector as I typed them on my computer).

speaking of my job, this morning i woke up to see the clock read :45 and was like "eh, it's been worse" but then looked again and realized it actually said 7:45 which is EXTREMELY BAD since i am supposed to be there at 7:20. embarrassing phone call, I has it _._ and then i accidentally did a 'reply all' on an all-school email, so this day is officially fired.

Going up to see the_kouhai tomorrow! that feels really weird, as does being in the same time zone as her, lol. it doesn't at all seem like a year ago i was in Tokyo eating shabu-shabu with her and musikologie. It'll be exactly one year ago tomorrow that we left ;_;

but it's all for the best this year since baby brother comes home from Italy on next Tuesday ♥ also I finally figured out what to do for my father for both christmas and his birthday (which is 1/1). WIN.

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