December 24th, 2010

jingle all the way

O Kisutree, O Kisutree

It's super hard to believe it's Christmas eve already, which is how it is when you don't get off until today, I suppose. One of the ladies at work who is a single mom was like "how am I supposed to pull the magic of christmas out of my ass in one afternoon?!" and i laughed, but i feel the same to a less pressured degree, because I have not wrapped a single goddamn thing, and believe me it's going to take more than a couple minutes.

on the other hand, i woke up kind of excited this morning, which hasn't happened the last couple years and was nice, even if it meant i couldn't go back to sleep despite the fact that I in no way need to be up at 7 this friday (unlike last Friday where I had to be at work then and didn't wake up until 8). maybe it's that baby brother is home after being away so long, or that last year I was away from home for Christmas for the first time in my entire life.

although christmas this year won't be the same without having festive haagen-daz with snowqueenofhoth and musikologie, lol.

So I plugged in the Kis-My-Ftree and am sitting here in its glow with the guinea pigs (awww it's the snowpigs' first christmas) and aside from their unnecessary insanities (they had to be Ivermectined yesterday but that's not a very Christmassy story so I'll leave that out for now), I feel pretty Christmassy at the moment. I even did up my nails in Christmas style.

also it's 2.5x day on gpx so i can finally finish this stupid 12 days of christmas exploration.
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