December 25th, 2010


An Ecard to My Whole Flist

an ecard for my whole flist. Clicking the link should take you right to it! Hoops and Yoyo will tell you whether you're naughty or nice, and once you're sick of that you click 'exit' to get to the message I typed in. I hope all of you are having safe and warm holidays, and that you have some people you like to be with like I like my family (and not so much how SiL likes her sister, ie, not at all).

the NaNo is officially finished and posted, so if you were looking for that, there you are. I'm relieved it's done, and glad I finally got something done and turned into something that I think is half decent in the end, despite how this one needs a ton of editing (mainly because of my own idiocy in timelining at the beginning).

I got a bunch of good loot from my family, including Law & Order season 8, and baby brother was super excited about his DS. Speaking of brothers, baby brother and 2B hooked up the computer to the tv so they could play old school Sega games, and then were trying to sabotage each other by farting to combine strategy with physical endurance. as 2B put it "It's like arm wrestling while playing chess!" and then later on "I think my players are motivated by the stink of death."

I also finished both GPX christmas expeditions with a few days to spare, and got a nifty Snowy Drifloon out of it. Yay me!

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