December 28th, 2010

Squashed Face Miyata Quote

My Body and I Are Like Akame

Baby brother's Italian girlfriend made it in safely despite the snow (although we didn't get a single flake in harrisburg), but they did lose her luggage. I joked that we ought to take her to the h&m in Madrid since that's where I had to buy all my clothes at over the summer.

come to think of it, i wonder what i even did with the pants I bought there. not that it matters, as i'm sure I wouldn't fit in them.

Collapse ) ps Friendly's has the chicken parm supermelts back.

Also yesterday at the dermatologist we tried experimental treatment...5? 6? for the wart, which was "inject candida directly into the wart to try and trick my immune system into fighting it." It doesn't hurt as bad as the bleomyacin inoculations did, at least, but it was all weird itchy/burny inside my foot all yesterday, and it's still sore to walk on it a little today.

I went to the gym in spite of all that, not like i'll ever feel like I want to go anyway, and by the time i finished that i essentially just wanted to crawl into a hole, esp a hole that had some peanut butter cups in it D: we're going to the hockey game tonight, though, Hershey v Binghamton, which musikologie reports is "the dirtiest team in the AHL." we like hockey fights, so hopefully that will be good times. assuming the ibprofen kicks in like any time now.

the land of milk chocolate, that's so exactly where I ought to go right now D: D: D:

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