January 15th, 2011

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I Did Lol When Lex Was All "Come To Daddy!"

the guinea pigs have apparently had enough of me being home already. Too bad, suckers, cause I'm off school until tuesday.

I continue to feel like an idiot in my little sunglasses, but aside from some haloing, my vision is more or less normal. it's pretty crazy, honestly. I keep thinking i have to take my contacts out and then i'm like......oh.

And then I watched Superman: Doomsday and enjoyed it, although I felt that it needed less Lois and more Batman. But I really like these DC animated movies, and I think they ought to do all the comic stuff like that because I enjoy them way more than reading. How can we get more of these?

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Sorry, Haching All the Eggs

I'm at 245/250 for the day, and the 250 achievement is only really gettable when a shiny hunt means we can grab eggs from the shelter limitlessly. Success! I have officially achieved.

also classics meeting at 10 am. booooo.
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