January 17th, 2011

personal space fail

Sawagi Osaka!!!!!

Back to hatching Relicanth eggs. Although I called my mother and bullied her into coming with me to get sushi for lunch. nom nom nom.

amazonstorm dug me a link to mp3 rips of the NMP DVD, or at least the first disc of them, and I just love KAT-TUN live like crazy, especially the new arrangement of D-motion. I want duets again some year, esp a KoKame duet. Or Ueda/Kame, but I was thinking Ueda could be the lonely artist still if the other paired off and nobody would probably care, lol.

Also amusing: scanlated manga version of the Fujigaya/Kitayama face squish cover shot. LOLING FOREVER. Mangafied Fujigaya's tortured faces are the best thing in the universe. Ever since he refused to take off his shirt that one time, Duet has refined torturing Fujigaya to an art. I'm glad Taipi/Mitsu are professional enough to take it, and unified hatred of being paired off will ironically probably make them bond closer, fingers crossed. I need a thousand icons, srsly.

I rewatched Misaki No 1!! and enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed Taipi's low voice and darker hair, and Mitsu didn't get to do much yet, but seems like they maybe changed their minds and toned down his character a bit? Frankly idk how much of a mood-maker he could possibly be. I really love that there's a girl in the gang (and that it's Pi's little sister from Buzzer Beat LOL). I need more episodes so there can be fic about all of that. Also everybody has a great name. Mmmmm. But the "Numba waaaaaaan! Numba waaaaaan!" in the theme just makes me crack up, sorry. I guess you can't have everything and I should just be happy they got the theme song.

Sakuma = adorable Leader ♥ Everybody bully Rachel into upping the rest of those.

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mouse doom


Did AIM just cut out on anybody else? Suddenly Adium is asking me my password like my password is wrong and won't sign into AIM, and I'm not sure whether it's an AIM issue or one with Adium.

eta: nm, it's back up now, and also apparently wasn't just me.

also this Miyadate/watanabe is not going anywhere. fail.
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