January 19th, 2011


Livesocial Amazon Deal

So peroxidepest17 passed on a link for a deal where you get $20 to amazon if you put down $10, and if you can coerce 3 other people into it, yours is free. Like me, I'm sure most of you use Amazon for things, so here you go:

This way to the Amazon Monies. It's got about 16 hours left on it as of 4pm EST.

Or you can use pero's link if you like her better than me.

You have to sign into/up for livesocial to accomplish this, I'm assuming, but it took me ten seconds and seems more or less identical to Groupon, which I've been having a really good time with lately. Hooray local discount stuff!

ETA: as Rachel points out, it's probably only good in general for people in the US, although in this case, if you use amazon.com (as opposed to . anything else) it wouldn't matter, I'd imagine. (My brother in Italy uses regular American amazon still, for instance).

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