January 23rd, 2011

kis kis me

*Exhausted for No Earthly Reason*

I've hatched 411 Relicanth eggs with no shiny and I'm really sick of hatching them D:

Put in a disc of Law and Order and then promptly slept like a rock through 3 1/2 of them despite the fact that it wasn't even 11pm. I guess I must have exhausted myself by watching the band version of Your Seed around 50 times today. (if you can't see that post, you can go here).

Keito's arms *_________* Yuto on drums *____________________* Hikaru's pants XD XD XD and goddamn Goto plays a mean violin.

Also I watched Misaki ep 2 and neither Taipi nor Mitsu can really act at all but man they look so good ♥ Taipi can abuse my vending machine anytime.
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hand of god

And All the Roads That Lead To You Are Winding

this hikaru no go fic just made me honestly crack up. Best shindou dialogue ever. Confession fail!

A couple fics ago, Haru and i were talking about the staying power HnG has in her comments, and it's true. Even reading a couple fics in a row makes me want to write them again, makes me want to watch it all over again. It's so strange how an anime about a board game can have such a profound effect on me (i watched it in...hm, 2005 or 2006). I know i'm not alone feeling like that, though, which makes me feel a little less crazy.

Rivals. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I would give seriously anything for more of this show, esp with grown-up Shindou and Touya. Even more than I want first-year Prince of Tennis anime, and that's really saying a lot.

I'm up to 500 eggs now and I'm starting to get pretty irritated. I worked the odds on my hatching history and figured out that for every 500 eggs odds are I will hatch 3 shinies. grrrr.

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