January 27th, 2011

fuck my life

If My Phone Were a Pokemon, It Would Be a Relicanth

<-- 591/300 (statistically), still no shiny. haaaaate.

No snow day today, but the delay was better than nothing. And tomorrow is dress down day! Yay! i am so excited to wear my hoodie because holy god is it cold.

also i missed my dermatologist appointment because apparently my phone decided it didn't need to play an alarm for any of the junk in my calendar. I was sitting here on my couch the entire time, RAGE. it's super hard to get in there and now i have to take a damned half day next week. FAIL. LG Neons = complete pieces of shit, and you should not buy one.

now i just need to figure out what I want to eat...hmm...maybe i will just order enough wonton soup to fill my bathtub and them submerge my whole body in it.
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