January 29th, 2011

racing in korean

I Was Puzzled to Find 'Sunny Came Home' on the List

this is my last weekend of the shiny hunt competition, so after reset on sunday night, at least i won't have to look at any more damned relicanth no matter what.

I've been listening to Sungha Jung all night, which is a 13-year-old Korean kid who can play the guitar like a fiend, and I've been dying for konzatsu to get online all night so I could link her Haru Haru done by him. SO GOOD. "Dust in the Wind" is also amazing, and so is all his original stuff like Irony. God, why so adorable? How can we hook this kid up with Goto and his violin?!

Went to the French restaurant on a field trip from school for dinner, and had ridiculously awesome french onion soup and steak and some kind of fruit tart thing at the end. Then on the way home my GPS was like "let's drive right through inner city harrisburg~~" instead of just taking the highway, so that was not a winner trip.

The Yokoo/Senga is finally finished! ♥♥♥ so cute and sweet ♥
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starfish guitar

Candle In the Something

844 grr.

I took a bunch of my new sungha jung mp3s in the car to go out to lunch with my parents, because I knew my mom would like it, and my dad loves the beatles, so I thought he'd tolerate it. He also loves "Classical Gas", so I played him the sungha version, fully expecting him to be like yeah yeah, whatever, you and those asians.

to my surprise, he listened real hard for about 30 seconds and then asked 'how many strings is he using?' I was like "...six?" because you know, that's how many are on a guitar? and dad was like "Because Mason Williams needed 12 to do that." o___O i didn't know that. wah, crazy.

and then "dust in the wind" came on.

Mousamama: "Oh! It's Candle in the Wind!"
me: "close but no."
Mousamama: "Horse with no name!"
me: "wtf no, the first time you were only one word off."
mousamama: "candle in the..."
me: "No."
mousamama: "there's something in the wind...."
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