February 1st, 2011

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Ice To See You


But I only know this because I am on the local news station's website, which got posted at 5:45? I haven't gotten a call about either a delay OR a closing, and it's almost 6am, so lord only knows how/if people know that, and a bunch of people would already be on their way to work at this point because they don't live five minutes away and hang around in bed until the very last second like I do.

Idek what is up with my school district this year, for all the snow we've been having they have been calling off unreasonably late every single time. A bunch of people told me last time they were already on their way when they finally got called last time, and this certainly isn't going to be any better. The earliest bus pickups are barely past 6am, for christ sake.

wth, school district, you are on drugs. *waits to see how long this phone call takes to happen*

ETA: 6am almost exactly. they have to be getting a ton of parent complaints about this bullshit.
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Back When I Had a Berry Gameboy Color

Rachel and i were having a discussion about what pokemon we used to have back when we played the first games with our respective brothers, and then I mentioned how in the original Pokemon Stadium, if you uploaded your dudes, the game would alter their coloring slightly based on their nicknames, so everybody's looked different.

and then, because I'm a level 2 hoarder, I got up and it took exactly 2 minutes for me to find my page of stickers you could print out from the game (it was in the box with all my old gameboys). My Gengar was was navy blue with a bright pink tongue, and my Ninetails was all peachy ♥

Have a quick picture from my webcam:

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Yay articuno and drowzee ♥

I snuck out in the break between the storms to get food for myself and the guinea pigs, and i am definitely looking forward to staying in my nice warm basement for the rest of the night. brrrr.

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