February 2nd, 2011

snuggly fujigaya

Flowers Are for Weenies Anyway

School: canceled.

nails: redone.

ass: sat directly upon.

Actually i did a bunch of chores I was supposed to do yesterday so it was all good today, and what's most important about missing school today is that I got to also miss the dept meeting which I 100% did not want to run since last month at this meeting they told me I sucked.

Nails if you want to see:

I can't get a good shot because of the glare, but it's fuschia, not red, on the ends, and the rhinestones are hearts. It's supposed to look like these flowers here but lol it does not. waah, if only i could draw. Maybe I'll try the create your own stickers trick next. and my konad ought to be here by next time anyway.

And now to dick around on the internet until bedtime. yaaaay. And Kira wrote me MSM fic where everybody loves Leader ♥

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