February 5th, 2011


And in other news

Stayed up until 4am watching new shokura (3D Girl!) and talking to the_kouhai, and then woke up at 10am because everything I was wearing or touching had to be emergency laundered, if you get my meaning.

waaaaaaah. I hate my body so much. new wart treatment = my foot itches internally. so, you know, not scratchably. maybe if i let the wart take over my entire body it would burn off some of the fat.

Whatever. I like my haircut? and I made the lady put my red back in even though it's not summer yet, because i felt everything was sort of washed out and wintery. she made a little darker, since i'm still in school though, and I really like it.

no other news. whatever winter weather event we were supposed to have this morning I at least slept through that. and I bought some sakura-pattern bowls last night with the last of my Amazon christmas money. Yay!

...except my mom and friend both just texted/called to cancel on me for lunch. well fine. i wouldn't want to hang out with me either ._.

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