February 10th, 2011


a secret plan to fight inflation

I was sick of the pink, so i redid my nails and tried out the konad. long story short, I suck at it, and these stickers on other nails are randomly not lying flat as if just to torment me.

the glare is hiding some of the fail, but trust me, it sucks. i don't foresee this lasting even as long as the last one, which is a shame because i like blue and stars, and so this makes me sad. i should have started all over, but it's 1am and it won't be any better the second time.

also wednesday makes me sad because i had meeting after meeting after meeting, and also taught and whatever other bullshit, from 7:20am until 9:30pm, and i can't go to sleep after only being left alone for only a couple of hours, which means tomorrow is going to suck all the more. in the limited sphere of my journal, i'm going to admit to you that I've realized that i have accepted one more position of responsibility than i can manage, apparently, because suddenly the meeting situation is entirely out of control. Last Tuesday I was triple-booked right after school and today i was supposed to be running two meetings at the same time. I cannot remember when half the meetings are, and i spend a lot of them wondering if this meeting is going to be like that one last month where my department told me they hated me.

my jlist email informs me that today is meat day because you can pronounce 2/9 as 'niku' in Japanese. i wish yakiniku was something you could get in Pennyslvania D:
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kyoudai ftw

Scotty Doesn't Know

I have a shamrock shake! and grown-up footie pajamas! also my baby brother sent me a card with the following illustration inside:

Hands up if you know what favorite movie of ours that's from :D

week is almost overrrrr. almooooooost. *grabby hands*
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