February 16th, 2011

one of those units

"ore to zutto ni issho ni irun da yo!"

this scan is my new favorite thing. Kisumai, why so adorable? Hair scrunch! cuddling! I want all of those pairings, all of them. and lol, so little has changed.

or will change. because they're gonna be stuck together forever now. eeeeeeeeeeeeee. the excitement of that has still not worn off, days later. The jnet videos are just fueling that fire, with the different cuts of who hugs who during the announcement, and also Miyata laying his chin randomly on Tamamori's shoulder while he's talking even. idiots ♥

i went out to the Giant across the river to meet up with people...only to find out that was tomorrow. oops. i didn't even write anything, just talked to Rachel for a while. and then I went to the RiteAid, because i hadn't been to that one. The thing I've discovered is that all the RiteAids carry the same brands of nail polish in the same configuration of displays, but all of them have different colors, so. essentially there's an endless number of ones i can visit, lol. and they all seem to run different sales, too. it's really weird.

not much new here, otherwise. sleeeeepy. i'm in bed already and i'm going to try and read some but i'll probably pass right out Orz.

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