February 17th, 2011

kouji rocks your hat

Konad the Barbarian

The stars were peeling off, so i redid things:

I'm sure most of you can figure out why the stars go red-blue-purple-orange-pink-yellow-green. Ignore the way my pinky looks idiotic, I was trying to have like a blue swoop, but it just...um. i might have to redo those. In better news, the blue konad polish worked 100 times better than the white:

Photobooth doesn't do macro or anything, but one is a flower with a butterfly and the other is just other flowers. it took exactly one try for each nail. so much better this time.

I wrote about 500 words of the kismyfic fic finally, which isn't great but is better than the 0 words i had before, but then i was yawning my head off at the cafe i was at with some nano people, so i just gave in and came home. Only one more day of getting up school time in a row D:

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