February 19th, 2011

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Things What are Happening

*went out to casino for friend's birthday last night and was even for most of the night on various slot machines. In the end was only down $10, which is probably the best night I ever had at the casino. conversely the math teacher won $200 at roulette, but the chemistry teacher was down $80. I introduced them to the fish game, though, which is my favorite.

*when I started the cereal diet, I weighed 200 lbs. here at week 4 I weigh...200 lbs. my body's ability to stay exactly at this weight vastly outweighs my ability to keep from eating and doing everything I like to eat or do. Do you know how many real cokes and cadbury cream eggs I've turned down in those four weeks? My body doesn't care. Also i've had the same headache for about 4 days now. My body is just an unreasonable jerk, and I'm sick of it. It's like living with a conjoined twin that is a complete jackwagon.

I just have to do something else, I guess, but I'm at a loss what else to try, having tried both diet and exercise as solutions. I walk so much at school that it's not even funny.

*went over to do taxes at my parents', which is always a huge ordeal, but this year my dad accidentally bought the turbotax without the free online state filing and we had exactly zero problems. That was certainly a welcome surprise. Last year he was on about it was all my old computer's fault (which i gave them for free, btw) until I threatened to take it back and make them do it their own damned selves. Must be the problem was with the super deluxe version. weird, but good. Taxes are done.

*I've been explaining all week about the Kisumai's debut, which, you know, awesome that I get to do that, but I seriously have to explain the whole corporate structure of Johnny's every single time. I tried just being like "a band I like is having their first cd in May" but then it's like how do you know about them if they aren't real, and how can they have songs that aren't real songs, and didn't you see them last year, etc etc. If I do it too simply they don't see why I'm excited, and if I go into any detail at all, I might as well start over at the beginning. Anyway, I've reached the point where my need to talk about it is outweighed by how much explaining talking about it will necessitate.

*so it was probably a mistake to do the nails with kisumai-colored stars because everybody wants to know why the stars are all different colors. I redid the little ones with the konad stars, though, so they look much better, and everybody likes the lime green a lot. 'Ivy League' is the name of it, and it's that Xtreme Sally Hanson stuff again.

*TakiCHANnel was Nisen this week and will be Tamamiya next week. Yay! Also I keep rewatching the jnet debut announcement where Miyata randomly digs his chin into Tama's shoulder while he's talking and Tama doesn't even react. Normal~ lol later I bet he realized and was like fmllllll.
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