February 22nd, 2011

niji ranger

This is not what NabeSho expected

i guess I ought to say something about something. er.

1. JLPT results came, and it was not a pass lol. I came up over the lower threshold for each section, but didn't have enough total points to pass overall. That's what I expected, and I certainly didn't want to go on to the next level yet, so it's fine. It doesn't feel good to fail or whatever, but...well, I was going to say I wasn't upset about it, but it's taken me days to post about it, so maybe I am a little bit. it's fine.

2. me: "on top of the fact that I hate it, every time I go to the gym i gain a pound."
person at work: "you do not. that can't go on indefinitely."
me: "want to bet?"

I should've actually put some money down, because I've been to the gym each day for 3 days now, and I've gained 3 pounds. certainly I can't keep this up indefinitely, but I'm so irritated by the entire thing that I'm afraid if I stop going before I see some kind of positive effect, anything, that I won't be able to force myself to try for another long while.

ps i obviously know that 3 days is not long enough for miraculous things, but jesus christ, is some kind of positive reinforcement, or at least just no negative reinforcement, too much to ask? Also if you choose to comment on this you are forbidden to use the words 'muscle mass' for any reason. There's no fucking muscle, okay. trust me.

3. Yuto in Nobuta (which we're watching for Drama Night) is cuter than baby anythings. I did not know at all he was in this, haha. It's helping balance out the fact that I dislike Maki intensely. Also helping is the fact that in this one Maki mostly just stands there quietly while Yamapi is gay at Kame. Anyway, Yuto needs grown up drama roles.

4. This whole sleeping more thing is just...I just spend more percent of my conscious hours at school, and that is hardly more sustainable than the gym. i don't feel any better or more energetic or anything. sigh. we had a delay this morning and I just slept through the whole thing, so it seems like my capacity to feel the same regardless of hours more sleep is reasonably limitless.

now i have to go to bed in 3 minutes ):
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