February 28th, 2011

it's a kitty

Don't You Wish Your Hippo Was Hot Like Me

So, I have a grown-up money market account. It's supposed to be some percentage of return better than a savings account, because you have to keep more money in there. The month after I got it set up, the rate dropped from 1.6% to like .9% (of course), and it's sort of been creeping down ever since. Well, this month I was super excited because I managed to get up over the threshold to have a level 2 account, which has a higher rate of return than a level 1. Super excited! I'm an adult! I saved the monies! Yay!

I just got my statement for the month. The rates just dropped again, and now the level 2 rate is less than the level 1 rate was last month. JUST COME ON, NOW. uuuuugh why is being an adult such a clusterfuck. This is why people start keeping the money under their mattress. 2B keeps saying he's going to start buying silver ingots and putting them in a pirate chest, and honestly I think he might be on to something.

Saturday i went to marksykins's RL baby shower, and drunktuesdays, stealstheashes, and mythofthebelle were there as well, thank goodness! It was a lot of fun and Marks looks really good and we only humiliated ourselves (and by extension, the entire internet) just a little bit.

So now i can finally post pictures of the cutest hippo ever!

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