March 6th, 2011

haters to the left

Raiiiiiiiiiiiiin! Also Mocha.

I've had a pretty boring weekend so far, which is exactly how I like it. I slept for like 12 hours yesterday and then crawled out to see The Adjustment Bureau with my family, which I really enjoyed. It had the same sort of sci-fi universe thing going on as Inception but didn't suffer from any of the pretension Inception does. Like, there was never any moment where I felt "okay, NOW you've gone too far."

I also saw I Am Number Four earlier in the week, and it wasn't shockingly good, but it was decent, and I might read the book. I would say, you can wait for a rental on this one and it won't suffer, but if you like YA novels about that sort of stuff, or Roswell or whatnot, it's worth seeing.

Raiiiiiiiiiiiin. Mmm, maybe i will stay right here and watch a bunch of Misaki till i'm caught up.

Places I've spent my money this weekend:

Hoops & Yoyo Fan Store! is reopen until 3/14. girly t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts, plushies, and hoodies. I'm still bummed out I missed the blanket last time, so I've been watching ebay. You know, i really need a Hoops and Yoyo icon.

Cartoonize my pet. That's the link to their small and furry section, where they have a million and a half different guinea pig designs. I sent them a picture of baby brother's guinea pig, and they drew one up in like two days, and it is ADORABLE. my brother is going to flip out when he gets his birthday present next month. They were super nice, and I definitely recommend them. I might consider getting myself a Sanapig, or maybe a Nika (aw, I miss Nika D:)

New pokemon game! Pickup this morning, yo.

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