March 12th, 2011

no words for tendou

3-day Weekend Starto

I've heard from everybody (I think) that I was worried about in Japan. I had a string of events yesterday that meant I didn't find out about the earthquake until really late in the day, and then couldn't check the internet really until much later. I did spend 45 minutes on a treadmill watching CNN coverage and being increasingly worried about the_kouhai, but thankfully she was safely home by the time I could check anything out.

I was...amused isn't the right word maybe...that via twitter especially, I found out that a lot of the people in my favorite bands were reporting in safe at almost the same time as friends. That was a relief too. amazonstorm and I were talking about how it felt shallow to think about things like that when so many people were dead or missing, but I said that really, why wouldn't we worry about them too? Certainly I spend enough mental energy following various guys to want to know if they're alive and okay. Johnny's especially, since a lot of them don't live in Tokyo or anything. I was glad so many staff for dramas and shows and things reported they were safe very quickly.

I drove out to my Latin Festival meeting this morning and on the way back stopped at a Blockbuster that was shutting down in a couple days and got a bunch of DVDs for like $3 each. I'm watching First Snow right now which is half-decent but can't quite decide whether it's a thriller or what. I'm going to try Give em Hell, Malone after this. I also picked up Shutter which I love but didn't own, and Be Kind, Rewind, which I saw on a plane once and thought was cute enough to be worth $3. my blockbuster's going out as well, but it's still in the $8 stage, so i'm going to wait a little longer.

also I tried some more running on the treadmill, and basically every part of my body is unimpressed with that. I'm surprised I can do it at all, really, but I think it has to do with how I've been doing the elliptical and that's the same sort of motion (minus the 200 lbs of impact).

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