March 13th, 2011


Shibuya Harajuku Yoyogi Shinjuku Round and Round

things I did:
*stayed up till 3am on accident and then slept till noon. Time change fail.
*went to gym. I need to start taking my Tackey towel because my hair was like soaking wet in the back when I was done. ew.
*went to store and accidentally bought too many potatoes. which was kind of a problem when I had to carry the stuff around afterwards. oops. Bought curry stuff for drama night tomorrow.

things I am doing:
*eating a chobani. people at school are always on about them, and they were on sale, but it's kind of...yogurty. I realize that's a stupid complaint since it is made of yogurt, but it's a problem of intensity, really, since I'm not the biggest fan of regular yogurt even. (but I eat it, mostly to stop everybody telling me how I need to eat it)
*making a sakuradama. I'm half done! also I have screwed up my nails with the craft glue (somehow? weird), so I ought to probably take a picture of those before I redo them. Here, have a picture of both:

The nails are Xtreme Wear plum with silver konad flowers.
*watching the new Tackey & Tsubasa PV over and over and over. They're on a train! Being gay together! also it pretty much sums up everything I love about the Yamanote line. I love T&T more than anything sometimes.

things I have to do yet:
*clean guinea pigs. whyyyyyyyyy. I swear to god as soon as I do it, it's time to do it again. the 3 cages take 2 hours, and I need to stop doing it on sunday, which is hardestcore gym day. But I keep doing it on Sunday because then they are as clean as possible for drama night.
*shower. not like there's any point in doing that before the guinea pigs.
*ideally I would also write something, crochet, and do some renshuu.
*be off tomorrow! yay!!

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