March 15th, 2011

no words for tendou

I think this guy just likes to say 'Spent Fuel Pool'

I've been watching CNN more or less constantly, which is, idk. I should probably not do it quite so much. This morning I got up early just to check and make sure nothing insane new had happened, after going to bed too late and not sleeping that well, so I was not awesome at school today.

but this morning when I was huddled on my couch while it was still dark, i was thinking about last spring when Nika was sick and I had to get up early to forcefeed him for weeks and would watch CNN's oil spill coverage. For about a month I was the most informed current events source in my whole school.

also i swear to god if i see this anti-union ad about how teachers make a trillion dollars and don't care about students, I am going to flip the fuck out. don't you think if it was such an easy gig, everybody would do it? nobody is a teacher for the money, trust me. ugh.

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