March 20th, 2011

Hasshi is a Genius Tama Quote

His Prison Tag is "Teabag"

it was srs weights day at the gym, as every Sunday is, and then I tried to run a little bit on the treadmill, which I've done a couple times for like 2-3 minutes, only today my knee was like "we will not be doing that yo." I'm going to run out of prescription strength Ibprofen soon and then I'll actually have to go into the doctor and make some sort of case for them giving me more. The ones I have now are from back when I messed up my ankle (doing exactly nothing, I want to say) a couple springs ago, but the stash is dwindling.

also on friday, gym friend was like "do the crunches on the big squishy ball" and i was like, okay, i'm game. OW. core muscle complete failure. you know what you need core muscles for? Everything. ow ow ow.

as part of cage-cleaning day, Nonpig got a new tube in their cage. they pushed it around until the end was blocked by the side of the cage, and now Sanapig is sitting in it, confused about why he can't go through the tube, his butt sticking out the end. THIS TUBE IS BROKEN.

I'm giving Breakout Kings a shot, but I can't say it's holding my attention. I'm not a fan of how this is interrupting my Sunday night Criminal Minds block that A&E usually plays.

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