March 23rd, 2011

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Play-doh = McDonald's Milkshake

i went from normal school to running a union meeting back to Latin Club (which i probably shouldn't leave alone like that but OH WELL since I am moving from being double-booked to be being triple-booked half the time) to baby-sitting nephew for the second time this week, and then i was supposed to go to the gym, but I just couldn't do a late-night trip for a second time in a row after yesterday.

Not that I don't enjoy nephew and his sudden obsession with the alphabet (he still won't talk, but he'll spell whatever you want and also can put all 26 letters in order by himself), because I do, and he never gives me any trouble about bedtime or anything. But I definitely should have been at the gym instead of there since the dentist meant I couldn't go monday, and then tomorrow is out because if I do that the day before Biggest Loser weigh-in at school Friday morning, that is always bad. But B1 and SiL were out until 9:30pm and then this occurred:

B1 and SiL: We felt bad for doing this to you twice this week, so we brought you a chocolate milkshake!! :D :D :D
me: that's...great *and then hopefully my game face was a lot better than Fujigaya's*

ps McDonald's chocolate shakes are 580 calories. and there was no way on the earth my willpower was going to stand up to that because I was hungry enough earlier (like always, lately) that nephew's play-doh smelled so good. I know it's weird okay. I didn't eat any play-doh, in case you were concerned about that (the internet reports that play-doh has about as many calories as the milkshake). At least I had only had half an avocado and some olives before I went over there so i was over by 200 calories for the day instead of ten million like I would have been if i had eaten actual food.

hair appointment + more pay freeze meetings tomorrow D: why won't this week END D: D: D: also i swear to god if i break even at weigh-in Friday morning AGAIN after all of this bullshit I am 100% going to throw a tantrum in front of god and everybody.
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