March 27th, 2011

anywhere junsu goes

Lex Luthor Has Staring Contests With Snakes

wah, busy weekend was busy.

I drove out to see marksykins and her posh new house with it's adorable room all set for baby Marty. It'll be the last time I see her before there is a baby! which seems impossible even though I know it's true. anyway, she and Mr. Marty let me hang around on their couch and took me for cheeseburgers and then I even ended up spending the night and got breakfast out of it ♥ although the funniest part of all of that was when Marks pulled up Lois & Clark off the Netflix and the theme song had played like three notes before Mr. Marty was like "Is that Lois & Clark?!" from the other room. LOL.

we had dinner with musikologie and ginzarhapsody as well, since they were nearby doing adult academic-type stuff, and I was glad to get to see both of them as well. We had awesome Mexican food and made fun of Yamapi's English. Why does everyone live so far away!

and then today after I drove back and cleaned half of the guinea pigs, there was a strange chain of events that led to me taking my mother to see one of my students in an ice skating exhibition. idek. so i finished the pigs and did all the laundries and now it's like 10:30, woe. Can't I get a weekend to sleep off my weekend?

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