March 29th, 2011

it's super effective

well that took longer than expected

so here at gym trip, 27 over the last 5 weeks, I had been wondering exactly when the full-on mutiny would begin.

Answer: tonight, evidently. Left knee was already sort of acting up last week but honestly I was just absorbing that as the cost of business (where 'business' = 'doing anything besides sitting on my couch'). Then I got this wandering spot on my left side where I'll be doing 100% nothing, and suddenly it goes OW FUCK OW for like 3 seconds, and then goes away. Again, whatever. It's not sustained and it's not exactly the same spot each time, just kind of in the same area, so I'm ignoring it.

so i'm on the treadmill, doing the hills as I do because if I leave it flat i might as well be doing nothing, when the left side of my back is like OKAY WE ARE DONE. (as i'm typing this the OW FUCK OW spot just did it again.) I'm like, seriously? we've done treadmill/elliptical five times a week for six weeks and suddenly 3.5 mph at a 6% incline is too much? it's all just a scare tactic too, I want to add, there is 100% nothing wrong with my back or my knee or my side or whatever, it's all a ploy to get me to just stop this whole thing. Dear body: FUCK YOU. stop being 200lbs for no goddamn reason and I won't have to do this bullshit five times a week!!! ugh.

I really wanted to write for je100's free week but now it's 10 already. fail.

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