March 31st, 2011

snuggly fujigaya

Litwicks 40, Mousi 0

eta: shiny litwick get!

wah, I am totally coming down with something that involves a sore throat and a constant sinus headache. 3rd period I gave up grading tests and took a nap on the table for like 15 minutes D:

Maintenance men came and did the whatever they were doing to my toilet, although tbh i still don't know what they did, other than track mud across my linoleum. But they left a note to say thanks for letting them come look at whatever via my apartment, so apparently they got whatever it was done to their satisfaction.

OW FUCK OW spot on my side continues to intensify. I'm concerned I will end up trying to explain this to my dr's office on the phone and the nurse will be like "are you sure you aren't just being a big fat crybaby?" I AM a big fat crybaby but my side hurts, yo.
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