April 5th, 2011

Mokuba Sadface

It's really annoying to try to so hard for something you hate

I have been foiled 3 separate times this afternoon in my attempt to go to the gym. Anime club ran long, and then my brother called to say our usual dinner on Tuesday was getting pushed back, but not quite far enough for me to do the gym first. Then he called back and pushed it back a little farther, enough that i actually changed and was in the car when he called back the last time to say, no, nevermind, in like half an hour. Maybe? So now i'm sitting here doing nothing uselessly and it will be late, but if i had tried to chance it, dinner would have been right away.

whaaaat. i don't even want to go to the gym, goddammit. ugh now it's going to be ridiculous late before i get there which makes everything ten times worse (see 2 weeks ago, re: crying in public).

i just want to sleep why is that so much to ask D: D: D:

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