April 14th, 2011

racing in korean

How much would I give for Jin to have been in Bill & Ted?

it was so nice out today i was like i will walk/run outside in the sun instead of at the gym which I hate. so i go out and it's nice enough, i suppose, although i don't do it as long or burn as many calories or even have a good guess at what i did burn, but whatever. no problem.

until I tried to stand up from the couch about a half and hour later and apparently did something reasonably serious to my hip. What the shit! i've been running/walking at the gym for weeks with zero problems, or at least nothing like this. jfc. ibuprofen (that i'm still on for the side thing) is doing really nothing.

I went and saw Suckerpunch by myself just to do it, and it was kind of weird and overdone, but i enjoyed it. Also towards the end it was weirdly moving? i teared up and felt totally awkward about it, but i was there alone, so. it wasn't even during the scene you'd think it would be, it was Collapse ) I guess in general I recommend it? if you don't expect a whole lot out of it, but also i think it's something you might have to see in theaters, effect and impact-wise.

other weird news, jin is in a movie with keanu reeves, which led me to additionally discover that there will be a 3rd Bill and Ted movie (which led to me and Beth talking about how without george carlin they will have to go japan and johnny will be their mentor and make them trainees).

ps i'm the only person in the entire world excited about Fast and Furious 5.

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