April 18th, 2011

law & order

At Least the Guinea Pigs are Clean

on Sunday nights it's really any excuse to stay up and not think about school Monday morning, and here on the eve of the Latin Festival, I have to say I let this get a bit out of control.

Because I've watched about 2 hours of Storage Wars (dude, this Dave guy is a schmuck, yo). Prior to this I watched a couple episodes of AMC's The Killing, which it swore I would like if I liked Law & Order, but I was anti how it wanted to show me everybody's feelings. If you cut all of that shit out it wouldn't take us a whole season to find a killer! I need results in my crime television.

I crocheted a couple dishclothes today, though. A lady at school asked me to make her a couple quick, and I turned up this diagonal pattern that you work from corner to corner. It didn't turn out super square, but oh well. The other one that I did regular stripey turned out fine. Plus I made a badass flower one that one of the science teachers offered to buy off me. Maybe i'll do a bunch and throw them up on etsy or whatever. It was really satisfying since they were so fast.

omg it's so much easier to sit here than to crawl to bed. if they don't stop playing Storage Wars I am 100% going to stay up for hours more.

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