April 23rd, 2011

1 percent alien

I bet my dad doing this in Italian is comedy gold

I've been sitting in bed for like an hour and a half, threatening to go to the gym, but instead I just keep sitting here and letting Rosetta Stone yell at me. Aside from the fact that a) it'll be a million years before it gets to vocab I don't know, and b) it really hates the way I say Konnichi wa or anything else with a K in it, it is actually kind of fun. And it does make good use of spaced repetition. Anyway I told it I wanted to focus on listening and speaking, so I figure it can't hurt.

also nice, you can switch it to all kanji right away, so there are a few like kyoushi or keisatsukan that I learned early enough to not know the kanji for really. Since it's image-intensive, I totally want the JE version of this. 山Pは走っています~ and then there'd be a dramatic image of Yamapi fleeing fangirls or something.

also my impetus to go exercise was lowered sharply because I'm down two pounds this morning despite the fact that all week I was too busy with Latin Fest to go to the gym and on Wednesday I ate myself silly. if i could get some predictable cause and effect going on here, things would work a lot better. It would be like if every morning when you got in the shower, some days you came out clean and other days you came out dirtier than you went in. post hoc ergo propter hoc fail.

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