April 24th, 2011

bunny fail

oh he's got a package for you all right

Easter vigil service attended, and Remix posted. Go team!

so I've written like four fics this whole year so far and it's April. Geez, that sucks. I am like 100% a trainwreck.

oh well, at least i have two more days off yet for break. and also it's 3x day on gpx.

Happy easter if that is your thing, and I hope you get to enjoy whatever thing you've been pining for all Lent, plus also some chocolate. ooh, i should pick up some cadbury eggs before they go away again. om nom nom.

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Sanapig is a Snitch, Yo

Does anybody else intensely dislike those skechers ♥ your butt commercials? dude I love my skechers but yikes.

Back from the parents finally, where I had to run over earlier than planned cause I had my mother's glass casserole dish still, and then we proved how ridiculously central pennsylvanian we are by eating something called 'noodle pudding.' There's no pudding in it, in case you're scared, it's noodles and apple, but yeah, PA dutch much? we think noodles fix everything. Also we had a GIGANTIC HAM. there were only four of us, idk what my mother was even thinking, lol.

But good thing I bought them the good internet when I was still at home, because we skyped with 3B and IGf (Italian Girlfriend), and then I hung around on GPX+ all afternoon for their Easter egg hunt. My dad was like, I don't understand, the pokemon are fake. I was like well, sure, but are the pokemon on my DS any more or less fake? At least this way all the ones I have collected are in one spot instead of spread across a billion games. Actually, I think that's what I like about it most. that and the site-wide events like the egg hunt.

Nokkun had a brilliant escape while I was finishing up his and Sanapig's cage, and I only realized because Sanapig (who I make a much greater effort to contain) started wheeking to rat him out because he was pissed he couldn't get out too. These Kansas guinea pigs, they are not normal. Nokkun isn't quite so frantic in his roaming, so he's not such a pita to catch like Sanapig is, thankfully, but I think the 'put them in a box' strategy is officially out of the question for next week.

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