April 25th, 2011

no words for tendou

He is the man who walks the path of heaven

hatching eggs, hunting for easter eggs yo. 13/30!

We watching episodes 5 and 6 of Zettai Kareshi during drama night, and I'm really enjoying this one. It's totally cute, and if it's not quite as uproariously ridiculous as Mary Stayed Out All Night, then again, what is? Then i threw in some kamen rider kabuto, because Mizushima Hiro as Tendou! That is my favorite thing in the whole universe, and i just cannot get any RL people anywhere near that.

Tofu battle! I mean come on now. Best friends! french cooking! The best little sister ever! i just don't know what else i can offer here. maybe if i could somehow get mizushima hiro and seto kouji in the same show, nobody could resist that.

school tomorrow D: D: D: I am so in the final countdown for this year that it's not even funny.

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