April 26th, 2011

Koibito Miyatama

Not that shutting their mouths would do them any good in their situation

First day back from break being 80 degrees = students are all insane. I have officially started my countdown until the last time I see a bunch of these people (although this isn't as bad as that one year it was so awful i counted periods instead of days because at 9 periods a day, the number dropped way faster).

Hunting eggs on gpx+ still, but now they gave me a link to share the ones I've found:

aw, cute. i should go to the gym but i was good yesterday and then was good also at chinese buffet for usual tuesday night dinner, and that is way harder, so i think I will sit here on my butt.

The tama/miya/ni/sen is up to 5k and they won't shut their mouths. this is why I can't get anything done.

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