April 29th, 2011

kouji rocks your hat

i bet that will turn out to be like ten thousand calories

omg i ache all over. what the fucking fuck. I took off from the gym yesterday and everything! If this is the flu i am going to slap a bitch. (it's never the flu with me, cause i don't get the flu, it's always something crazy like that time i had Fifth Disease in graduate school.)

I did just have a buffalo chicken panini though, and now i am at the ABC and might hopefully get something written. Also my new crochet books came in the mail, due mostly to musesfool's timely birthday present. I got one about weird motifs other than squares and one about bordering, and one with a ton of full afghan patterns.

also i have 27/30 GPX+ easter eggs and just used my new gen 5 fossil that I won in the last shiny hunt. huzzah!

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